Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The honey uncappings: A wonder product of the bees

The honey uncappings is a wonderful product of the bees which is often overlooked by consumers. Between the wax capp and the honey, there is a special ansiseptic product used by the bees to preserve honey. More details here:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bio Beehive by prof. Ioan Ursu, naturally fights varroa and more

Prof. Ioan Ursu presents his latest model of Bio Beehive that naturally fights varroa and opens the way to organic bee products.

Friday, April 16, 2010

TIP: How to remove the sting without getting to much venom

If you are stung by a bee, here's how you remove the sting without injecting too much venom. One needs to understand that the sting has a pump attached and if squeezed will pump all the venom.

The bee stung me!

The needle stays in here

together with some gut remainings

If I squeeze the pump at the end of the sting, I'll inject all the venom.

For this not to happen, I will do the following:

I'll take a knife and attempt to remove needle like this,

without squeezing the pump and therefore not injecting to much venom.

I hope this tip helps you too!

Spring works with 2 prospective beekeepers

After watching my beekeeping videos on YouTube, I was contacted by two prospective beekeepers willing to unravel the mysteries of beekeeping. They called me, we met and today we will work together at the apiary. Their questions are valuable and hopefully the answers will be usefull for others as well. Enjoy the video!

Bees hibernation - tips & tricks

Professor of Mathematics and passionate beekeeper, Ioan Ursu presents you the secrets of bees hibernation in winter and many other interesting things.

Paractical works at the apiary in the summer

Professor Ioan Ursu introduces some of the works necessary to an apaiary in the summer time. You will be fascinated by the bees's universe in summer.

Swarming preemption and many other tricks

Ioan Ursu introduces some of the works carried out at the apiary. He is presenting some tips and tricks about swarming preemption and many other advices.

The beehive without a Queen: The problem and the solution

In this video we have a hive without a queen and we'll see what we can do to save it. We are also presenting the royal jelly in this video. The solution will be to bring a young queen raised in my queen nursery. Her acceptance in the new family is full of adventures. Enjoy!